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Friday, April 22, 2005

Current State of Affairs

While most of my fellow bloggers were at one admit weekend or another last weekend, I was in Florida for a company offsite. A good consolation I suppose. The offsite itself was good and all, but more importantly I found out just how much my company likes me.

The first night at the cocktail reception I was chatting with a small group of people including my boss's boss, the #2 guy in my company (my company employs more than 2,000 people, to give a little perspective). I'm pretty well known by senior management and the nature of my job is such that I have weekly to biweekly contact with him anyway, so chatting with him was really no big deal. What was a big deal though was when he said that since I wasn't going to b-school this year he had two jobs he thought I'd be interested in taking and that we needed to have a conversation about it at some point. Obviously my mind started thinking about all the possibilities and what I'd be willing to take. I decided it would have to be at least a two-level promotion for it to be anywhere near worthwhile as it would most likely not suit my career aspirations.

Fast forward two days, the big boss grabs me after lunch and we have the talk. We talk about what I want to do for the long term a little, then about the jobs themselves. Both are really high profile positions but are very administrative in nature. They are, however, two levels higher than my current position. I thought about it and neither would really be worth taking, so we get to talking about other stuff and he offers a third position in a different area but still within his "empire". Very different from the previous two and a really good job, but it's still not going down the career path I want to go down. The only positions that would be in my career path happen to be in another group that is not under him (it's under the other #2 in my company- one runs half the company and the other runs the other half with the CEO sitting above the two). So, he is less inclined to talk to me about those jobs as he sort of rivals the other #2 guy a bit and his goal is to keep me for himself in one form or another. Oh well. I tell him I'll think about it. Then we get back from the offsite and he stops by my office and offers me yet another job. This is craziness! Again, it's not something I really want to do, but it is also two levels higher than I am. During the offer he says something about an immediate promotion to one level higher, but it came out kind of mumbled and I just thought he meant it was part of that job. Couple minutes later my actual boss comes by and tells me I'm being promoted but because of budgeting it won't be in effect until July (my company pulls that kind of crap all the time, and is actually how I got my last promotion. If you're going to promote just do it- don't tease me with a two month wait). So, now I have four job offers and a promotion either way. And I'm going to give all this up to go to b-school! It would sure be nice if the b-schools decided to love me half as much as my company seems to.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My first Dirty Martini

I have never had a dirty martini before. I'm really not much of a mixed drink drinker for that matter (I do love a good beer though). But, Tuesday night I had my first run in with a dirty martini when I met the ever famous blogger, Dirty Martini. Let me tell you, her blog is just the tip of the iceberg. She's quite the accomplished (former) applicant and is undoubtedly going to rule over a small piece of the financial world :-). It was great to meet her, talk about the whole b-school process and all the nonsense, and get her sagacious thoughts on the prospects of my reapp (oh, and DM, you flattered me far too much :-)). With the likes of DM leading the first year MBAs, Columbia will never be the same...

Friday, April 01, 2005

What is & What Should Never Be

"You are too young."

At least someone gave it to me straight. I got dinged by Columbia. I was completely shocked when it happened. I thought for sure I was going to have to go there (explanation of what I mean in a future post). And I was very confused as to what more they could want from me. Then my dad was randomly talking to a family friend and he apparently has some connections with a higher-up at CBS and got him to look at my file (good to know for next year ;-) ). Feedback was that I was an outstanding candidate, but I was too young. Apparently, this year CBS has experienced a big rise in applications by "younger people" so they've been dinging most. I assume it would be similar for the other schools as well. My biggest dread was that I'd have to tell everyone at work that I didn't get in anywhere and they would be so disappointed because they think I'm some kind of a "golden boy" in my company. Especially since this girl in my sister group got into Wharton and she does far less important stuff than I do. But, now I can at least claim it's because I'm too young, whether or not that's really the reason (the girl's a year older than me). I have to try to save face because I'm going to need these people to write me rec's for next year and I'm going to try to finagle another promotion in the mean time. I guess I'll be scheduling a feedback session with Wharton in May to see what they think. I'm going to be running a few ideas by them as to what I should be doing to improve my candidacy for next year (I'll be posting my current front-running idea next week).

So this is it, I am now an MBA reapplicant for the class of 2008. I thought I could claim to be the first but it looks like Dave beat me to it. Well Dave, here's to us and the rest of the class of 2008 applicants. Congrats go out to all the others who got into their respective schools. Perhaps I'll be seeing you there next fall...

But the wind won’t blow,
You really shouldn’t go,
It only goes to show
That you will be mine
By takin’ our time...

(And no, this is not an April Fools joke)