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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Caves and the People Who Hide in Them

Man, no one is blogging this week. I can just picture Clear Admit's Fridays From The Frontline post - "Redwolf blogs about no one blogging".

It's been pretty hellish for me between work and b-school apps. I should say "Wharton" app. Chicago's a secondary concern at this time. 2 weeks and counting...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Status Update

Oh man, does it suck to be here. I just got back from a much needed two week vacation. I wanted to do some application work while I was away, but of course I only did about 2 hours worth (although I did spend several hours here and there planning out Stanford's what matters most essay in my head) and now I'm going to be paying the price. Back to work with, luckily, not many pressing matters to take care of. But I am jet lagged and don't expect to get any essay work done tonight. At this point, I've written my first draft of my why mba essay for Wharton. I don't expect to do much more to it as I've spent so much time planning it and refining it in my head over the summer. The second essay for Wharton is also all planned out, just needs to be written up. So I'm not worrying about that school. Chicago, on the other hand, is a problem. It's the one school I really don't even know what to write for all the essays. I got essay 1 and 2 down. Similar stuff to what I'm doing for Wharton. But essays 3 and 4... I got nothing. I was even on vacation with three GSB students and when I told them the questions and asked if they had any ideas the best they could come up with was "[laughing] those questions suck dude!" None of the brainstorming I've done is applicable to any of these questions. Little words like "strong" and "biggest" in the phrasing of the question make the events I would have used for the essay seem inappropriate. For instance, I have a great "failure" essay all worked out, but the failure was certainly not my "biggest" and it would be hard to convince to that effect. So, I'm kind of stuck. I'm going to have to do a lot of brainstorming to come up with something for it. Oh well, at least the app isn't due until the end of October...