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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Interviews, with a touch of vagueness to protect the innocent

Last weekend I had my interview with Chicago. Went well, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting in now given the rest of my app and some other stuff. What I'm more concerned about is my Wharton interview. I finally got it scheduled after it took a while to hear back from my interviewer. Graham at Clear Admit had been advising me to do an on-campus interview for reasons I totally believe even though they sort of contradict what Wharton says (note: this was advice specifically for me, not for everyone). I didn't want to do the on-campus interview because there's too much randomness with it. You have no control over who interviews you, and the 30-minute time limit is pretty firm. With an alumnus, I could at least control certain factors (male/female and occupation) and it could go on for an hour if the alum doesn't care about the guidelines and is more concerned with getting to know me better. Time pressure increases the chances the interviewer will gloss over something and not get as detailed an answer as they'd like since they need to cover other topics too. But, then it's easy for me to say all this since I've done the on-campus interview before. Last year I had a girl in the healthcare program interview me and there was clearly no connection. And I have no idea where she came up with one of the comments she did (heard it in the feedback session). I do not want to go through that again. Anyway, Graham really had me thinking about it and I was about to do it until I did a deeper internet search on my potential interviewers and found what I needed- a guy who works in finance and, well, let's just say has had a very similar experience in life as me (I might be revealing too much to any potential adcom viewers if I say more). That experience will easily be a major connection point for us and he'll be able to give me a certain perspective on Wharton I haven't been able to find thus far. Of course, I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch so I'm not thinking any of this is going to work for me. It could all blow up in my face. We'll just have to wait and see...

T-minus 20.58 days and counting...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


"Umm... Yeah... Umm... We kinda lost your application there, umm... Yeah..."

This was one of the many thoughts that was going through my mind the last couple days in regards to not hearing back from Wharton for an interview. I also spent a lot of time doubting myself, thinking that perhaps I really didn't do a significantly better app this year and, even though I got an interview last year, since I didn't do anything better this time around adcom would just save themselves the trouble and ding me now. Well, much to my relief this is not the case. I finally got my interview!! Now, that doesn't mean my app is actually better this year, but let's just assume so for now ;-). I've decided on an alumni interview this time. I think I can increase the likelihood of a good interview by making sure it is with someone who actually works in a field related to my own. Really, it doesn't guarantee anything great, but it means I need to spend less time explaining my job and less time convincing them of how difficult it is. And there'll be natural work-related topics for conversation. I'll also make sure the alum is young, further increasing the chances of developing a good rapport with him/her. And with any luck, my strategy will work and I'll get in. We'll just have to see...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Lately I've been wondering a lot about Wharton's Interview Invitations. Checking the boards to see how many have gone out, etc. Still haven't got mine yet :). And then it occurred to me I did apply to a second school R1- Chicago. And that led me to realize I had never received an email saying my app was complete. So I logged in, checked the ol' status, and there it was, "Complete". I know I was only "Received" a couple days ago, but little idea when I actually went complete. You know, it would have been nice to have gotten an email to indicate the status change. To all those who applied to Chicago I suggest you log in and check it out if you haven't already.