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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Life Lesson for Would-Be Travelers

If you're going to a developing country and need a Visa to get in, get to the embassy early! I've had my fair share of run-in's with the Indian Consulate in NY to know that you gotta get there 30-45 minutes early during non-peak season if you don't want to spend hours there in line. Today I went to get a Visa to go to India next week, got in around 8:45am, counter opened around 9:15am, and I left around 10am. Time spent at the counter- 2 minutes. If this had been Christmas time it would have been a nightmare. All these people kept trickling in after 9:15am, and I was thinking to myself "What were you thinking? You guys are screwed. The counter closes at 12:15am sharp, you'll never make it." Then I realized these people probably had no idea how the system worked. So, I'm doing my part now to inform the would-be travelers here. Bureaucracy sucks, if you didn't realize.

In other news, that buddy of mine who got into Wharton got dinged by HBS. He took it pretty hard because he really thought he would get in. Stanford never interviewed him, so that reject probably didn't hurt so much (all he applied to were H/S/W). So now I guess I'm supposed to sympathize with him that he has to "settle" for Wharton. Boo hoo. He's been pretty sensitive about my rejection there though, so no hard feelings really. I just felt a little weird during the whole consolation process.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

In case you were wondering...

I did get into Chicago. I'm afraid I only left a subtle update yesterday when I changed my status on the right from "interviewed" to "admitted". Kudos to those who noticed. So, I got in, which is a huge relief and load off my mind. Looks like I'm definitely going to b-school this fall! So now I can just sit back and relax til I get my decisions from the other schools. Then I'll either know where I'm going because it will have been decided for me, or I'll have to make a real decision. Only time will tell...

Congrats to everyone else who got in! And to those who didn't, I was in your shoes a couple weeks ago, and also all of last year. I know, it sucks bigtime. But, eventually it will work out. Maybe not as you planned it, but c'est la vie, non?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


It seems there have been a bunch of pageloads of my post about Wharton's interview policy coming from Wharton ip's today. Looks like it's more than one person too. I guess they think I have something to say about the application process that's worth reading. Or that I'm just some whiny rejected applicant. Whatever. Do with it what you will Whartonites.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Reality Checked, Then Gone

Over the last two weeks I noticed that I wasn't really doing all that much in terms of my HBS app. Why you ask? Well, I think I had a reality check. I did not get into Wharton. Wharton was a perfect fit for me. As I was writing HBS essays, I knew I'd have to be really fake (for me) to sound right for them. That didn't bother me because I knew the benefit of having the HBS brand stamp was worth it for my long term career, but I found I was not as good a BSer as I thought. Then I started to think more and more about the grade disclosure policy they decided to reinstate against students' wishes and I was kind of just like, "screw this". So, I've dropped HBS.

Of course, with clarity gained in one area I've lost it in another. Somehow, I've actually developed hope of getting into Stanford. I have a couple things going for me- a seemingly great idea for the "what matters most" essay and a very solid reasoning behind my "learning objectives" essay. I'm also going to use my "connections" at an appropriate time in the application process so it might actually do something. Combine all this with a promise from God (don't ask), and I somehow have regained hope. Of course, I hate hope in this application process because it makes rejection and failure painful. And it makes me shell out an extra $200 ;).