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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Been a while, thought I'd drop in on the MBA blogging community. Travels and all, you know. No time to sit for hours at a computer. And I'm not good like MBAJ or Marina who'd put up a whole bunch of pictures and talk all about their trips, etc. Sorry. Anyway, thought I'd mention that in the last 6 weeks that I've been traveling, I've only met one person who'd even heard of an MBA. And I've met a LOT of people. Granted, most are backpackers who basically just work for a couple years in random jobs to save for traveling, but still, I thought they might have heard of it like back home. The one guy who did know of it worked in the finance department of a telecom, and I was trying to sell him on the merits of the MBA for what he wanted to do after traveling. He, and just about everyone else, just couldn't get over the cost. Everyone I've met can't fathom paying $120,000 for four years tuition for undergrad, let alone and additional $120K for an MBA! Nobody pays for undergrad in Europe, it seems. Or if they do it's a couple thousand. A bunch of these people take out like $10K in loans so they can go traveling. And that's all the debt they have. Why can't we have this kind of system?